Welcome to the Future of Artificial Intelligence.

Computers that can think and communicate in English will save you time and money — and create new capabilities.

Legal Analysis

Move beyond hopeful keyword searches and dubious trails of authority to automated analysis of a legal issue.

Computer Programming

Teach your computer how to perform useful tasks simply by explaining them.


Empower devices and robots to understand what they see and hear and then act accordingly.

The Artificial Law Clerk

Perftech.ai for Law gives attorneys a computer-based legal analysis service powered by artificial intelligence — the Artificial Law Clerk. This computerized analyst can speed up the legal research and drafting process by filtering caselaw search results for their relevance to a specific issue.

This groundbreaking tool is made possible by our hybrid technology developed over several years. To date, leading artificial intelligence methods have relied on pattern-matching within data sets. We combine these methods with a “natural language processing” technology that truly interprets the English language.

Computers with Common Sense

To enable the analysis of legal issues, we have equipped the Artificial Law Clerk with common sense, which has proved notoriously elusive for today’s state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.

For example, consider a computer program that can analyze evidence about the crime scene pictured here. Our technology can analyze the cause of death, the point of ingress, and the point of egress in the context of a legal requirement such as premeditation.

B2B from the City of Brotherly Love

We are committed to ongoing R&D, and for that reason our strategy is to avoid investing in marketing to end users. Our preference is to build killer technology that we can license to a small number of partners who are seeking market domination.

"More than any technology before it, artificial intelligence will transform the practice of law in dramatic ways."
Rob Toews
Forbes Magazine
"We are on the cusp of a revolution in the legal profession led by the adoption of AI throughout the legal industry"
Sterling Miller
Senior Counsel for Hilgers Graben, PLLC

What's Next?

We are seeking “alpha partners”, our first clients as we introduce our products into the market. The initiative of these clients is rewarded with a competitive advantage in the market.